Evaluate The Potential Employee For Your Recruitment

Auth Recruit is an online employee evaluation & recruiting platform that provides streamlinesfor employers (Companies) to find,evaluate, and review the employees for the desired positions. This platform has an amazing checklist that shows:

Employee’s experience and contact details.

Employee’s performance details like feedback & ratings from employers.


Validated Reviews

All company accounts that are registered on our website undergo a thorough verification process. As a result, the reviews that you will be perusing are authentic, providing you with reliable information to make an informed decision regarding your hiring needs.


Our topmost priority is safeguarding the confidentiality and security of your data to prevent any unauthorized access or misuse of information. We take stringent measures to ensure that your data remains protected and secure at all times.


Zero Effort 

Experience streamlined hiring processes and make informed hiring decisions without the burden of inefficient, labor-intensive manual tasks by leveraging Authrecruite's comprehensive information resources. Our solution is designed to save you valuable time and resources.


Hassle Free 

Authrecruit is a platform designed to offer a user-friendly experience that can be quickly comprehended even by novice users. The streamlined nature of the platform facilitates the search for a suitable candidate, thereby easing the process of recruiting potential employees.

Why AuthRecruit?
Authrecuit is the best employee performance review platform that helps an organization hire an authentic employee to reduce fraud and build successful relationships. 

Hire The Right Person Globally For Every Job

Employers always find difficulty in screening out the candidates for the desired position. For example, assume that companies are getting multiple resumes. But how do they filter the best-desired candidate through that? Don’t you think it’s like taking out the diamonds from the ore for the recruiters?    But Authrecruit is the platform where companies can register their name, employee profile, National ID, and email. National ID will help employers to find the company’s employees.    There is no need for HR to evaluate employees’ experience and last year’s performance manually.  And we know that if someone left from the company, it cost so much to hire someone again. So What Auth Recruit provides you? It save your time in comparing the profile of employees and provide you feedback details to make your decision fast.

What Makes Us The Best?


Authrecruit boasts an impressive track record of delivering precise and reliable information to our valued clients. Our commitment to accuracy sets us apart as a pre-employment verification company you can trust.


At Authrecruit, we are committed to adhering to all applicable laws and regulations governing pre-employment screening. Our dedication to compliance ensures that our clients can trust in the accuracy and legality of our services.

Satisfied Clients 

Our company guarantees 100% client satisfaction with our product, which has consistently led to successful hiring of top talent. Our services have enabled numerous clients to reap the benefits of selecting the right candidate for their organizations.

Importance Of Background Check Employees For Employers

Authrecruit is the platform that integrates background checks & identify verifications for smooth the recruitment process.

Employees From Different Industries

Authrecruit accepts all employees and companies from every industry. For example, if a recruiter searches for a UI Developer and finds 500 resumes. How would they know which are the desired candidates for the respective industry? Authrecruit can help you in filtering out the profile of the required industry.

Shows the Skill

Everyone values character with skill. That's why Authrecruit has feedback options. Recruiters can check employees' way of work, dedication level, and how they communicate (Via email, Skype, Google meet, etc.) during the project through feedback given on employees profiles.

Identify the best fit

Once the employer selects the best candidate based on the resume, they have uploaded on Authrecruit, then they can go through the reviews given to their profile. Through the assessment, recruiters can validate employees' languages he/she know and communication skills.

Time Saving

Dramatically Authrecruit reduces the time to find potential candidates.  Authrecruit suggests the top candidates based on skill and performance. As a result, profile details and feedback will show past/present experience and employee retention. 

Cost Effective

Get all the benefits from Authrecruit at affordable price plans for your organization. Of course, you can go through our pricing plans for further information. The best thing is, you can earn extra points by adding more profiles of other company employees to Authrecruit

Find Out What Our Clients Want to Say!

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Authrecruit has indeed helped me a lot. Hiring is not an easy task especially the part of taking guarantee of any new joinee to keep the company safe.
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I have used hiring tools but nothing like Authrecruit. After using Authrecruit I am in peace of mind about the employees joining the work are from proper background.
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If you want to hire employees safely then Authrecruit is your go to. I suggest my circle to use Authrecruit before hiring any employee to their company.

Frequently Asked Questions

We keep sensitive employee information protected and help you establish a strong verification policy that ensures compliance and minimizes the risk.

AuthRecruit uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to draw implications from existing data and patterns to structure the unstructured data. As a result, it helps you to automate the manual HR process.    AuthRecruit is an applicant evaluation platform catering to multiple hurdles faced by recruiters.   

Once the employer selects the best candidate based on the profile uploaded on AuthR ecruit, they can evaluate the reviews given to their profile.  
Through the various options like review, rating, and feedback by employers, you can judge & select the employee. 

AuthRecruit is a comprehensive web-based onboarding portal in which recruiters can measure an employer’s skills and previous work experience that defines employees’ past performance (feedback). There is no requirement for in-person contact.  

As you can see on AuthRecruit, companies can register and add their employees through their National ID or email.

There are benefits also: 

  • Web-based onboarding portal 
  • It’s Cost-Effective 
  • Never loses track of any candidates Industry-wise 
  • Strong verification policy 
  • FeedBack option
  • Review and Rating  

There are two ways the company or individual can earn auth coin.  

  • If a company or individual gives feedback to their employee, he/she can earn auth coins 
  • Or by adding more employees to their respective company.


We keep sensitive employee information protected and help you establish a strong verification policy that ensures compliance and minimizes the risk.

Need Help With Software?

Need Help With Software?